Gates No Frontiers. Catalogue

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Gates No Frontiers is one of the outputs of Walls and Integration: Images of Europe building (WAI), a project, presented by the Municipality of Macerata (Comune di Macerata) of within the Europe for Citizens Program and approved by the European Commission. It gained funding for one hundred thousand Euros (project code 562858-CITIZ-1-2015-1-IT-CITIZ-REMEM - CUP I251I15000070001).

The e-book collects the materials, the pictures and the results of the research for the travelling exhibit, "Gates no frontiers"!

This e-book, realized for the WAI project, are freely downloadable from the WAI website!

The photographic exhibition has been the strong point of the project as it tells both the East and the West representing the different national stories during the Cold War and enhancing its specificities and elements in common. The collection of images and photos was made in public and private archives, thanks to the research conducted by the various partners in their countries, unpublished images and stories were discovered.

The selected material came into the form of an itinerant exhibition that has touched several partner countries (Italy in various cities and locations, Spain, Ireland and Lithuania). A specific section of the project's website ( and an E-book were linked to the exhibition with all the content collected, with the contributions of the experts.

The E-book has been edited by the Osservatorio di Genere and published by ODG Edizioni.

Both the web site and the ebook have been designed, built and implemented by some students from the Istituto Tecnico Commerciale in Macerata.

The exhibition, besides being visited in its various stages, viewed through the website and collected in the downloadable e-book at any time, after the end of the project will be exhibited and permanently visited at the headquarters of the Istituto Tecnico Commerciale in Macerata.

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